Accounting for this war (and Hersh’s scoop on joint US-Israel planning)

On a final note, if, God willing, this most recent Lebanon-Israel war is drawing down, what is the accounting?  The reports coming out of Lebanon are 1 million refugees, 200,000 with no homes to return to, more damage to the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon in one month of bombing than occurred in 15 years of civil war (they had just gotten to the “take-off” point of rebuilding from the rubble of that disaster, which ended in 1992), and more than a 1000 dead civilians.  Israel has about 100 hundred dead and is quite shook up about the tenacity of Hezballah. The Israeli public liked the war at the beginning, but now they are starting to realize they’ve made even more enemies with their Arab neigbhors and gained nothing, except dozens of dead Israeli soldiers, coming home in caskets.

I think that is a reasonable price to pay for Hezballah having taken prisoner two Israeli soldiers, don’t you?  (By the way, as the Palestinian Anglican priest Naim Ateek points out in his “Israel’s Summer Rains; the Arrogance of Power” (,), the day before Hamas had its border skirmish with Israel and took a single soldier prisoner (one of two border provocations leading to Israel’s attacks), Israel had kidnapped two Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip.  The fact is, Israel regularly kidnaps (and assassinates) Palestinians out of Palestine, as well inflitrates other Arab countries (Israel currently keeps 10,000 Palestinians rotting in jail, subject to torture, and often denied due process, including hundreds of women and kids).  

Caveat: I took a two-week learning tour of the Occuppied Territories of Palestine with Naim Ateek/Sabeel in 2003, and greatly admire his/their continuing non-violent Palestinian Christian resistance to Israel’s Sharonite policy of subjugation/occupation.  He’s another one of those Arab-Israeli citizens I highlighted in my last posting, who are crucial to peacemaking between the two sides.  Also, his son and daughter-in-law are Fuller grads, live in Pasadena currently, and I count as friends.) 

Everyone knows that these minor (and regular) border skirmishes with Hamas and Hezballah were used as a pretext by Israel to launch a long-in-the-works, double-barrelled attempt to destroy its two most pressing opponents in one fell swoop, on the way to going after Iran.  The crack Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has just revealed in a New Yorker expose that the US had cooperated in planning this attack with Israel for some time, as the first stage in potential strikes against Syria and, especially, Iran.  The White House denies this, but in everything important in the Mid East of late (pre-war intelligence about WMDs, Abu Graihb and torture, etc.) Hersh has been right and the White House has been lying.  Who do you think is telling truth on this one?  It’s a no-brainer. (It so happens that Hersh is Jewish, by the way.)

The fact is, Israel’s attacks were so disproportionate as to amount to serious war crimes, no matter what “self-defense” defense they continually parrot.   It’s a tragedy and a travesty, but hopefully it can (truly) wind down soon and the reconstruction can begin.  Get out your wallet, American tax-payer, Israel’s bill has come due!

 Peace in Christ,



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  1. Steve Says:

    War Sucks…

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